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UI/UX Design
Graphic Design

Dennis Gutjahr


„Want to create an App or Website? Let's create your perfect UI/UX Design, for any screen.“


- Creation of User Personas

- Design Thinking

- Lo-Fi Wireframing

- Hi-Fi Wireframing

- Quality Assurance

- ...


„Need a logo, merchandise design or even a full branding? - I do it all for you.“


- Logos

- Merchandise Design

- Full Branding

- Business Card

- Flyers

- ...


„We hired Dennis als UI/UX Designer for our GeoHealthApp project. Dennis was always available and thanks to his creative skills built an App which exceeded our expectations by far. Gladly, we will hire him for more projects in the future!“

Maxim Gleser, Co-Founder @ GeoHealthApp gGmbH

„Artist by heart - Designer by name.“


On the journey of finding myself I went to discover the world on my own, thousands of Kilometers away from home. What I found was purpose.

The purpose of making the world more beautiful, every day. So I devoted myself to sharing love and creating happiness.

Besides creating art, I started a voluntary project in which I plant trees - purely to show gratitude to mother earth.

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