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Designing RedenHilft App - Anonymous calls with the perfect conversation partner - Case Study

I got contacted to design the Reden Hilft App in Mai 2020. The name „Reden Hilft" means as much as „Talking Helps". The idea behind the App is using an algorithm to find the perfect conversation partner and have an anonymous phone call with this person. People from all over the world can randomly be connected with people to speak to, about topics that can be predefined. It's an App that can be very helpful, f.e. in Corona-Times, to help lonely people to find someone to talk to.

UIUX Design RH App


The clients budget was quite low, so we needed to be very efficient and precise about calculation and execution of the project.


1. An App for old and young

2. Bringing it on the market quickly

3. Retain the consistent usage

4. Preparing it for globalised usage

5. User should feel strong emotional connection to the App 6. Helping people

7. Desire to use it should be awoken from the beginning

8. Keeping it open for another big extension of the App (the client asked me not to share it yet)


Designing an App that is:

- Human-centred

- Actively waking the desire to use it

- Build a strong emotional connection to the user

- User-friendly - for every age

- Equipped with an understandable clickstream

- Accessible

- Leaves space for the extension

Standard functions:

- Register / Login

- Onboarding Screens for description

- Matchmaking-Test - Call-function

- Save favourite conversation partner / call favourites - Block bad conversation partners - Defining Profile on age, gender ... / editing profile

Design Process

RedenHilft App Design Process

My Role in the team

I was the only UI/UX Designer in this project. The client presented me the idea with description texts and simple design ideas. The client also gave me quite some input on user personas. I was basically involved from the very first step, giving suggestions and feedback to the existing ideas. As UI/UX designer it's always important to use empathy to feel into the user. Therefore, thanks to my input, quite some fundamental features were added. F.e. the feature of blocking users or using notifications. Of course, the steps of the wireframes were important in my role. Also, I am deeply involved in the QA-process. My role was also to keep redoing the steps and checking more additional importances. The client also asked me to design the Logo/Icon of the App. Also, I will be designing the extension which is expected to be developed in 2021.


User: - Anyone using a smartphone, every age older then 10 years, gender, sexuality, religion

Market: Global market

Potential user interviews - Pain points

- Useable during the daily life - Fun - Easy to use, also for older people - Fat finger friendly - Personal security needs to be preserved

- For free

- Less battery usage

- Anonymity

Key Quotes:

„I am over 70 and often have problems understanding new Apps. I would need to be able to understand it quickly, in order to use it.“

„I want to feel safe.“

„It should be easy to use!“

„It sounds like an App that promises fun. Exactly, what I want from an App that I am supposed to used frequently.“

„It would be great if the calls were free.“

Design principles

Based on the research and the interviews the goal was to create an App that shows the relation between the background information and the interface.

1. Simple

The interface of this App is supposed to be simple to use. The users don’t need to learn unknown design patterns.

2. Accessible

The design should be accessible to all kinds of users. Also color-blind, very old or disabled people should be able to use the App.

3. Create Desire

The entire interface, combined with the functionality is supposed to create a desire for users to keep using the App.

4. Emotional connection

Users should feel positively emotionally attached. 5. Safe space

For people that are concerned about their security or people that might feel nervous about using an App like this, it's supposed to give a safe space or shelter.

User Journey

Although I am a big fan of the classic way of sketching and using post-its, in times of working remotely using spreadsheets instead of paper makes it easier to share ideas.

RH App User Journey

Lo-Fi Wireframe

RH App Design Lo Fi

I have created the Lo-Fi Wireframe with Balsamiq. Here is a part of it.

The design was made entirely in black and white. I was going to add the color in the prototype, a little trick I like to use to design better for accessibility.

Hi-Fi Wireframe / Prototype

RedenHilft App Design
RH App Design


The product is still being produced, in the stage of deep testing. It's soon going to be finished and published in the stores. The client is very happy with the result of the design.

Even though the budget was quite small, it seems the App is going to be a success. The functionality is great, the idea of the App is great, and well, so far every test-user is delighted with the usability of the App.

What can I do better?

- Be more persuasive about certain design ideas (I personally would have chosen a different main color instead of red, but at the end the client decides).

- Work a little more structured in a shared cloud-environment, for easier procedure of the developer team.


- Diverse design patterns and standards

- I enjoy so much to create Apps that have a positive impact on humanity

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